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Posted by Jasmerrin - April 21st, 2008

I figured as long as video uploads are allowed on Newgrounds, I might as well test it out and post a video I made with my school movie club. It was a film for our Channukah programming. The funny part doesn't really start until you're a minute into it, but I think it's worth watching.

Please keep in mind before commenting on anti-semitism that everyone who worked on this movie is Jewish. So we're entitled to make a few Jew jokes.

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Posted by Jasmerrin - April 18th, 2008

I just wanted to thank everyone again for the tremendous and unexpected response that "History of an Animation" has gotten here on Newgrounds. I really didn't expect it to do very well - not as well as my last two, anyways - but I've been absolutely overwhelmed by what's happened since it went up. A Daily Feature, Weekly 10th, Front Page... I never imagined that any of that was possible for me. Thank you all so much.

Some more good news regarding "History of an Animation" is that it's drawing some attention to my old movies, which sadly (for me) went pretty much unnoticed their first time around on Newgrounds. I had really hoped to get them into the "Music Videos" category - "End of the World," at the very least, which I still think has the best story out of any of my movies. If anyone is reading this and liked "History of an Animation," I ask that you check out my first two films and, if you like either of them, that you recommend them to a category.

Now for future stuff. Once people stop talking about "History of an Animation" I'll probably disappear for a while again. That's kind of how I work - I only appear once a year to post a project, then go off to work again. However, my newfound (relative) success and sudden abundance of free time have made me want to be a bigger part of Newgrounds. Whether this means participating in the big events (it's not too late for Pico Day, is it?) or just making more short films (ones that aren't blamworthy), I haven't really decided yet. But I'll make sure that, in keeping with my policy, anything that gets posted must meet a certain level of quality. I need to be proud of it.

I'll see you all later, and thanks again!

Posted by Jasmerrin - February 9th, 2008

Not much to talk about here. Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't died, I've just shifted venues a little. I've been working on some live action stuff, the latest of which incorporated some flash editing. It's all up on YouTube. Still doing Flash animations, but I'm going to keep to my "only post what I'm proud of" philosophy. Lord knows I don't want to contribute to the blam-worthy nonsense that gets put up here so often. Anyways, I haven't forsaken the site for YouTube. Just the opposite, actually - I put up on YouTube what I think isn't worthy to go up here. And the live-action stuff, which just can't go up here.

Anyways, the site is http://www.youtube.com/user/Jasmerrin and the latest movie is A Channukah Story (I personally love it - I made it with some friends. It only gets good a minute into it - the first minute is build up).

See you when I finish my next project!