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2008-02-09 13:59:58 by Jasmerrin

Not much to talk about here. Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't died, I've just shifted venues a little. I've been working on some live action stuff, the latest of which incorporated some flash editing. It's all up on YouTube. Still doing Flash animations, but I'm going to keep to my "only post what I'm proud of" philosophy. Lord knows I don't want to contribute to the blam-worthy nonsense that gets put up here so often. Anyways, I haven't forsaken the site for YouTube. Just the opposite, actually - I put up on YouTube what I think isn't worthy to go up here. And the live-action stuff, which just can't go up here.

Anyways, the site is and the latest movie is A Channukah Story (I personally love it - I made it with some friends. It only gets good a minute into it - the first minute is build up).

See you when I finish my next project!


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2008-04-13 04:54:07

Whoah, a smart and sensible Newgrounds user. I encourage you to stay.